MERRY CHRISTMAS

My beloving ones, I wish to you Merry Christmas. Fill it with love, happiness, joy and peace. Find your inner connection to yourself, to other people and angel guidance. 

Make yourself a beautiful day. 

Love you, your's Flower Lady Maja♥
                     HAY HOUSE AFFILIATE

Yes, you have read correctly. Lavender Girl has become Hay House affiliate. The idea of the fantastic Louise Hay has been following me for years because I also believe that all of our physical challenges come from within ourselves. And that is why I am even more proud of the fact that I have made this decision because I hope that these methods, books and education could help you like they are helping me. If you do not know Louise Hay yet, or even if you do, you can read more about her life and work at this link here. I promise you will not regret it. You know, the time you spend on yourself is the best invested one.
Before you dive into her theory, please think about your emotions. You probably already know that our feelings are reflected in our surroundings and that our health is a reflection of the beliefs that are hidden in our subconscious. Believing that behind every physical imperfection or disease is a pattern is very close to me, and so f…
It is Sunday, and it is snowing. I am sitting behind my laptop, and I feel very motivated. I was not courageous enough to stay out for a long time in this cold but beautiful weather, even if I am the most happier person in the world because of the snow. (Meanwhile, it's manifestation is today's leading topic.) 

But I am brave and inspired enough to write my first own blog in English. Previous ones I wrote in the Slovenian language, and then my relative translated them. I went through my fears now and just started. I am not sure if everything will be correct, but the main thing is, that the content will be here.I think I will be very proud of my self at the end of this article. :) 

Like I said before, the snow is my today's inspiration. 

In Slovenia is snowing for a couple of weeks, and I was hoping that it will stay like this until my visit at home during the Christmas holidays. I was praying for this few days ago, and I felt a bit disappointed beca…

I sat on the train and headed to Hitchin, which is a village in the countryside, but very close to London and with excellent connections from where I live. There is a pleasant farm where they grow lavender. I found it on the web, and it just needed to see it. I actually almost did not go because my ego thought there are more »important« things to do. I was supposed to open a bank account, explore the city and stuff like that. A thousand and one words, which at that moment seemed more important than my desire. More important than the fact that my body, when planning this trip, was buzzing with joy. Well, fortunately, this time I did not listen to my ego and I went there anyway. 
I took a taxi from the station to the farm and when I reached it my heart was filled with joy. I silently cried inside from all of the excitement and gratitude to be there. When I walked around the field of lavender, I felt at home and hoped that I could live in a coun…
I am still under the strong impression of what my friend told me about lavender, so I decided to write a blog post today about this beautiful plant, which is my queen among herbs.
I cannot remember when exactly I met with lavender for the first time, but I know that it has recently become very fascinating for me. In the past, I was in contact with it only through the plant itself, but now I also use it as an essential oil.
I did not pay much attention to lavender for a long time, but I have noticed recently that it accompanies me on almost every step I make. Let me mention, for example, that as a gift from my friend, instead of the usual potted plant, I received a lavender plant. Among the essential oils, the lavender one is the most useful and also the most used. I always use it when I meditate or when I draw myself a bath before bedtime. The right amount of lavender is very beneficial for children when they cannot calm down or fall asleep. The p…
I am Maja Križnar, certified meditation practitioner, Angel Therapist, and agronomy graduate. I have combined writing and meditation, both of which have become my passion, pleasure, and a way of life.I have also combined them with the power of plants and their essential oils and got a pleasant combination that helps me explore my spirituality. I am now able to find something useful or positive in just about every situation, event, or person I meet. At the same time, I enjoy searching for hidden messages, which are brought to me by daily lessons.
In the past, people often asked when I was going to create a family, marry, and other things that interested all aunts, uncles, neighbours, grandmothers and grandfathers. I usually answered that I needed to put myself in order first, without really knowing what I meant by saying that.
Well, somebody up there obviously knew that very well. That is how my whole way of living collapsed like a house of cards. I lost my part…